Family relationships a leading concern for children during Covid19 outbreak

Childline has released an overview of the main concerns that children and young people have been talking to their counsellors about throughout the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Between 21 January 2020 and 8 April 2020, Childline delivered over 2,200 counselling sessions to children and young people who expressed concerns about the Coronavirus.

Issues such as mental health, schoolwork and bullying featured prominently, but one of the biggest areas of concern was family relationships.

Many young people felt that being in close proximity with other members of the family with little means of escape created a stressful and challenging environment to live in, which often ended up in an increased amount of arguments between family members.

Children raised concerns about having to witness arguments between parents over financial pressures and potential job losses due to the slowdown of the working world.

Those young people whose parents were divorced or separated were keen to avoid arguments between their parents over visiting rights or where the child in question should be living.

The situation for those whose parents were in the process of separating added additional concerns as the pandemic brought delays to the process, making family life under the same roof unbearable, especially as they can no longer seek refuge and emotional support by going to see close relatives such as grandparents.

Many children whose parents were divorced or separated feel that that there is often a lack of opportunity to speak about how they are feeling.

Research has shown that children who are given the chance to air their feelings and have their views listened to and respected, suffer less trauma as a result of the marital breakdown.

Child Inclusive Mediation provides an opportunity for separated parents to involve their children in decisions that affect them. A confidential session allows your children to speak freely to a trained professional, to share their concerns and to pass on any messages to their parents.

We offer a Child Inclusive Mediation service for children who are felt to be mature enough to be involved in discussions. In our experience, we find that youngsters aged 10 or over will usually benefit from a conversation with our Mediator.

For more information, please contact our Accredited Mediator.