Divorcing couples likely to face delays as a result of Coronavirus pandemic

Industry experts have warned that divorcing couples could have to wait up to 18 months to legally separate as the courts work their way through the backlog caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Some couples who applied to divorce before the pandemic have been left living in the same house throughout the lockdown period and law firms are experiencing a significant increase in the number of couples looking to separate since March.

Those separating are facing waits of six months to finalise their decree nisi, with around a year following that to agree on a decree absolute if there are financial disagreements that require a trial.

This is a situation where mediation can help as the delays give the opportunity to discuss practical matters such as your finances or children, in a neutral setting.

Couples turn to mediation once the relationship has broken down – not to get back together – but to sort out the practicalities of a separation or divorce, without a bitter court battle.

Issues including living arrangements, child maintenance, property and savings will often be discussed in the sessions, which typically take between three and five sessions depending on the complexity of the issues between the two separating individuals.

As well as minimising the legal and court costs, mediation will also allow you to retain to control of the separation process and make cool-headed objective decisions that are right for you.

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